Saturday, November 1, 2014

Conversation about the FUTURE!

Current status: Eating my Halloween candy and sipping on this cold coffee...


It is currently 12:32 a.m. and I've been having a lot of conversations with myself and others about the future. I'm taking a business course this semester about the future, and it's making me think a lot more about mine. Of course I have dreams/goals/plans for my life! We should all have these 3 things in our life; however, how should you go about doing these things is the question?

I say the number 1 thing to remember in life is that you have some point be FEARLESS! Rejection is such an asshole sometimes, but it can be a kind asshole at times too! The good thing about rejection is that it can either break you or make you stronger. I've been that person that was fearful of a lot of things, but the older I get, the less fearful I'm becoming. Being rejected has helped build my confidence, and now I've stronger to go for things I probably would have avoided years ago.

Question: What does your future look like to you, and how do you plan on getting there?

The second thing to keep in mind is that there's nothing wrong with dreaming big, but you have to set goals for those dreams. Denzel Washington recently spoke for students about having dreams. He said, "dreams without goals are just dreams." For me, I dreamed of acting, having my own blog and radio I have those things. I got over the "fear of rejection" and I set a goal for my dreams. My intent for my blogs/radio show isn't to have huge success, but just to have started something that I never thought in my wildest dreams I'd be doing.

For my career goal is to become a Physical Therapist! I'm currently in school working towards my goals right now. I'm taking the necessary steps at this moment to get there (volunteering/research/contacting different schools, etc). By taking the steps to achieve my goal for my career gives me clarity as to what I'm doing now. Everything I'm doing in school is building up for grad school and beyond! The more I educate myself in my field, the more I will know upon attending grad school.

I watched a video today about dreaming big, but focusing small: I think this video is a great tip in life.

Lastly, don't forget to have fun on your journey in life! As someone that enjoys laughter and fun in their life, I say everyone should do so as well. Make sure that the life you choose to live will be worth living! You don't want to look back at life saying shoulda, woulda, but didn't, right?

In the end, GOD has already written our journey out, though we think we are in control.

I'm no life expert, I'm just living each day the best I can. "Failing to plan is a plan to failure" dad always says that!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. I'd love to hear your input on this topic. Do you agree? Do you look at this topic differently?

Thanks for reading,

Nisha :)